Hannah’s Needs

Before I even go into the details of this post, I’m going to describe a child to you.

This child is meant to be seen as your own. Imagine the needs I’m about to describe to you belong to your own child, your own flesh and blood.

  • Developmental Delay
  • Severe dermatitis
  • Cranial bone deformity
  • Multiple developmental pathologies
  • Absence of rectum, so use of a colostomy bag is something to get used to.

Here, in the US, this baby would still be accepted. There would be therapies, surgeries, GoFundMe’s created in your honor to help you take care of this special little baby. You would (hopefully) do everything you can to ensure your baby lives a full life.

But in her country, this sweet little baby that has just been delivered into your arms, has negative labels forced upon them. Immediately you are told that this baby is a waste of space.

A waste of time and energy.

A waste of a person.

A waste of a pregnancy.

This sweet little baby that you’ve carried for almost 10 months, this sweet little baby that you thought you were supposed to love, turns out to be different than you were expecting.

You are told that you cannot possibly know what is best for your child, so it is encouraged to leave your baby behind. Almost a year of pregnancy, hours, possibly days of labor, you have to say goodbye, turn around, and never look back.

That is exactly what happened to Hannah.



She didn’t ask for what happened to her, she didn’t ask to be left behind. But this is what happened.

Even worse, she has already most likely been transferred to an adult institution.

I personally do not know if it is co-ed or just females, but I can almost guarantee it is despicable.

In her region, it is customary to transfer kids between the ages of 5 and 6 to an adult institution.

Before I continue, I want to give you a reminder, in case you didn’t know already:

In her country, she doesn’t matter. She is unimportant, and a waste of energy. She is less than human, and probably has less value than a dog, because at least a dog has some purpose.

So whatever happens to her, the people around her don’t care. Because she is unimportant, unwanted, and not needed.

Let your imagination wander for a minute. Think back to all those things you heard about happening at institutions years and years ago here.

I’m sure you won’t be traveling down that path for long, because that path is sick, twisted, and terrifying. I myself can’t put too much thought into it. But that is reality, still, in her country.

That is her reality. This is the reality she lives with daily. She won’t get therapy, she might not even get fed. She might not get any human interaction, and any that she does get probably won’t be positive.

But this little girl is so bright, and so fun, and so caring. While still at the orphanage, she loved playing with toys and other kids. She loved to dance around like normal little girls.

I can only imagine her dressed up in an Elsa costume, dancing to “Let It Go” a million and a half times.

But she has to be given that chance.

She has to be given the chance to be a little girl. That opportunity is quickly being taken away from her. She deserves the chance to be a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend. She deserves the chance to smile and laugh. She deserves the chance to go to the zoo, to learn to read, to go on walks and help her momma cook.

She deserves to eat cake on her birthday and sneak bites of cookie dough when her daddy isn’t looking.

She deserves to live.

Please, somebody give her that chance.

If it’s money that’s stopping you from stepping forward, she already has more than $10,000 in a grant for her. That is almost half of the adoption costs. As for the rest of it, you have me. I will help you come up with ideas for fundraisers, I’ll donate what I can, and I will shout for you.

I will stand on top of a mountain and scream if it means that she gets to go home.

You’ll also have a whole community of almost 4,000 people to help you on your journey.

Please just give her a chance.

Although her needs are great, and it would be a bumpy road, it would be so worth it.

If you have any questions at all, I will either be happy to answer them or direct you to someone who can.

Here is the link to her RR page. Please share her, donate to her grant, take a leap of faith and bring her home.

Hannah deserves a second chance at life. Please give it to her.




In case you missed my previous post about Hannah, you can see it here.


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