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World Changers and Waiting to Die

I’ve been going over catchy phrases and in-your-face word combinations but there isn’t a way for me to say what I’m going to say and not get emotional. So I’m not going to worry about trying to sound quaint and unattached. I’m not going to try to look at this from an objective, unbiased perspective.

I don’t have the ability to.

I am angry. I am sad. I am mortified. I am humbled. I am sick.

This little love is Noah.

noah-before noah-now

He is 10 years old. He has been transferred to an institution. He is the most gorgeous little boy. But this is what happens when he’s missing a family.

Aura Lee.


Oh her little nose, her serious eyes. That current picture was taken just last month. She’s withering away to nothing.


brandon-before brandon-now

Oh sweet Brandon.

This 11 year old little boy used to have such inquisitive eyes. He looked like a rambunctious little man who would love to play catch with his daddy or cuddle up with mommy to read a book. But instead, he’s dying. If his family doesn’t find him soon, he might not live very long.



Why is this wee one still waiting? His eyes were once so full of life, and now it just looks like he’s accepted his fate, his body mangled to the point that he’s not able to pull himself out of it.




cameron-before cameron-after

This little boy was as bright as the sun. His smile was infectious and I wanted nothing more than to scoop him up.

And then he was transferred. He was sent into the pit of hell and he did not survive it. I remember the day he died. I remember my body retching due to the sadness, the guilt, the anger. I couldn’t help but feel like it was partially my fault. If I had loved him so much, I should have moved faster. I could’ve brought him home with Roman and Lynda, but I didn’t. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself.

This little dude died soon after that second picture was taken.

died-shortly-afterRussia is currently closed to international adoption, so several kids were left behind and their families are still waiting to bring them home. There are whispers that it could change, so if you do nothing else, pray that it does!

This little one is Wren.


I know her momma through Reece’s Rainbow and I now consider her one of my closest friends. But sweet Wren didn’t make it home.


But leaving the earth so small didn’t mean she left the earth untouched. She has a brother now, Worth, and her momma is pursuing children in Roman and Lynda’s country. For one so tiny, she’s an amazing World Changer.

This next sweet little girl is Annie.

annie-18 annie-18-2

She is 18 years old. She has aged out and has no chance of a family. I’m not even sure if she’s still alive and I can’t even put into words the anger that fills my stomach.

This is Jayce. This little dude is 14 years old.

jayce-before jayce-now-age-14

This is just the start.

This is a list of children who aged out of the system before they were able to find a family.

And there are so many more waiting.

I am so sickened by the world we live in. We have so much stuff but we whine for more. We have so much food but we waste so much. We are privileged enough to choose organic over conventional. We get to argue over the best nutritional advice while these kids aren’t even granted the right to eat.

These kids are not scary, they are not awful. They’ve done nothing to deserve the hand that has been dealt to them. In all reality, these kids aren’t waiting on a family, they’re waiting to die. They’re waiting for the day God is merciful enough to take them from the hell in which they live.

But there is hope. There are children that have been rescued. There are children that have defied the odds and are tiny little World Changers.



He was 7 years old in the before picture. He’s becoming such a little chunk!


Look at how much she’s grown in 5 short months!


This little dude was 4 years old and 8 pounds 4 oz.


I’m hoping to add more redemption photos soon.

It would be stupid of me not to acknowledge how scary it can seem to care for these children with such severe needs. But they truly do deserve a family, and even though it’s hard, it is always worth it. Please just give them a chance. Just look at those pictures and see their potential.

If you can’t adopt, donate.
If you can’t donate, share.
If you can’t share, pray.

There is always something you can do. These kids can’t speak for themselves, so it’s our job to do it for them.

At the absolute least, just SEE them. Please just open your eyes and see what these children are going through.

How are you going to help a child today?


6 thoughts on “World Changers and Waiting to Die

  1. why is there such a high rate of birth defects and disabilities in these countries? I mean no offense in asking but are you not allowed to offer birth control to help prevent these huge numbers? I am 70, with ALS and live in a care home and get just $63.00 a month. I have only prayer’s to offer. The United States have many unwanted children ( I was one ) I don’t understand why over seas there are Huge birth defects by thousands. Is there no other way to help. Maybe birth control isn’t accepted but to me it is hard to see thousands born like this. I have never known who to ask. Thank you.


    1. It could be for several reasons that I’m not exactly sure about. But the main thing you have to remember is that most of these kids don’t have severe birth defects – this happens because they are neglected, starved, and abused. Another is that here in the US, this just isn’t legal, so if it does happen, it’s not nearly as often. Kids here have a chance at life. They get medical care, food, and attention. In these countries, if there is anything remotely different about you, you’re shipped away into an orphanage and ignored. My son, Roman, that we’re adopting has this same story. He has a healthy twin that his mother kept, while he was left at the hospital due to his hydrocephalus. These countries are ashamed of these kids and corral them together and hide them behind a wall. So it may not even be that many, but there are hundreds crammed together behind stone walls, with the country hoping that no one finds out.


    2. These children have anomalies that would be/were mild at birth in the early years and have become worse and worse through neglect. In the US these children would be thriving and in school and loved. Preventing their births is not the answer, caring for them is, whether that is in their countries or birth or by adoption into the US!


      1. Yes. So much yes. Besides, assuming that birth control would help is assuming that all of these children were birthed by just one or two mothers. While there are a few related children, most have different mothers. In fact, a lot of these moms have neurotypical children that they kept, while sending the “odd one out” to the orphanage. As Carla said, the needs start very minor that only get worse with abuse and neglect. So I’m not sure how birth control would help anyway.


  2. Thank you so much for writing this. We need more awareness on this topic. I have a son born with Down Syndrome here in the US and feel so fortunate to be able to give him such great care. If even one of these children gets adopted, that is amazing. Thanks for spreading the message.


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