Finally! An Update Worth Sharing

It has been a long dang time coming and I am so happy I finally get to share it.

Our one and only homestudy visit was completed last week and I can’t even put into words how happy I am about it. I’m going to do a homestudy specific post shortly, to share some insight into the process. But for right now, I’m just going to update everyone on where we’re at.

The homestudy has already been paid for, with a combination of awesome people donating, purchasing tutus, headbands, and our own paycheck. That was a total of $2500. That fee also includes the oversight agency, which pretty much means it just meets the international expectations necessary for us to qualify to get the kiddos home.

The ladies were super sweet and said that we are easily approved, we just need to get our paperwork sent their way. Ian and I will be staying up tonight to get that done and probably headed to FedEx to get things printed out.

Oh, and on that note, the moment you realize that you’re adopting, BUY A PRINTER. It is remarkably frustrating having to bring everything on a flash drive, print out a million pages, only to realize you printed something out wrong or you forgot a page altogether. Or messing something up and having to wait until they’re open again (because of course you’re doing this at 2:00 AM) and your son has had his breakfast before you can go reprint it.

Anyway, I digress on that rant.

And now that I know we’re finally making progress, the next big hurdle is USCIS. That’s the big form I have to send to get approval from the government to bring my kids into the country.

That big chunk of cash is $1,115. I’m hoping to have that raised within the next week. So be sure to check out our current fundraisers to see if anything catches your eye! Every penny counts! I’m also working on an Etsy shop, and when that’s all said and done my prices will be increasing. So be sure to make your purchases now to lock in your cheaper price!

While trying to raise that, I’ll also be raising Apostille fees and whatnot. I have about a thousand pages that have to be sent, and it’s $15 a page. Basically, I have to get everything notarized to confirm that we are who we say we are. Then they get sent out to make sure the notary is who they say they are. It’s pretty redundant, but we do what we have to do.

I realize it is pretty annoying to constantly hear about the money we have to raise. But, unfortunately, the bills don’t stop coming just because our money has a much more important job. We have a growing boy to feed, and sadly, Ian and I have to eat, as well. But any spare penny we have goes towards our kids. We have two piggy banks that are getting very heavy, and we’ll be depositing those this week. It won’t be a ton, but every little bit helps. I also found out that the very part time daycare job I have is going to shortly become a full time job. I’m so excited! That will more than quadruple my paycheck. I am so so SO excited about all of it.

There will also be some much needed updates done to this page to make sure that I’m keeping everything organized. I also realized that the name of this page is His Mission, Our Home. God has called me to more than just adoption, so I’m going to share about those aspects of my life as well. It’s not going to be overloaded with frivolous stuff, but I’m going to be sharing more on our day-to-day adventures.

There’s a light at the end of this tunnel. It’s very faint, but it’s a light nevertheless.

Momma’s coming, babies.


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